• West Peculiar Fire Protection District provides Emergency Medical Services to the patrons of the District 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    Our district provides Emergency Medical Services for all District residents. The medical treatment is provided at the highest level of care for EMS. Advanced Life Support means that the treatment that you may receive in care of trauma or medical conditions may involve the use of advanced procedures such as intravenous access, providing a 12-lead EKG, delivery of medications, advanced airways and many other procedures. The majority of our transports are to local hospitals such as Research Belton and Cass Medical Center, but we also will transport to other specialty centers based on patient condition or request. Due to our location and increased call volume on occasion we also must utilize an air ambulance or other mutual-aid ambulance for transport.

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    The goal of the EMS Division is to ensure that the citizens of Peculiar receive the best pre-hospital emergency care from competent and knowledgeable paramedics and emergency medical technicians. EMS personnel, trained in both basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) measures, provide on-scene care, stabilization, and transport of patients to the nearest and appropriate medical facility. The EMS Division uses the best equipment available and receives continuing education to ensure their preparedness to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing advanced pre-hospital care. The EMS Division has 2 ALS ambulances and 1 ALS Engine.

    Our apparatus are equipped with emergency medications, intravenous fluids and other primary emergency supplies and equipment, including portable electro-cardiac monitor and defibrillators available for patients who may suddenly go into cardiac arrest.

    All ALS and ALS engines, are equipped with state-of-the-art telemetry radio equipment, which allows emergency medical responders to radio important information from the scene of the incident, directly to a nearby hospital, where physicians can review the patient’s condition and provide further medical instructions and transport information.

    The West Peculiar Fire Department’s EMS Division is also an integral part of the Kansas City, MO. Trauma Care Network, that provides victims of traumatic accidents with the most rapidly available treatment and transport to specialized trauma centers throughout the city.

    Our ambulances and engines provide an optimum 4-6 minute response from dispatch to arrival on the scene of an incident. EMS’ Support and Logistics is a customer service-based unit that is responsible for ensuring the medical accountability of the EMS and Fire Suppression companies, which includes our ALS ambulances, first responder/AED engines, first responder/AED trucks, ALS engines, ALS special events ambulances, carts and trailers.

    Medical accountability is accomplished through the re-supplying and re-stocking of all medical equipment and supplies, performing preventative maintenance on all vital medical equipment, conducting thorough inspections of all medical equipment and supplies, and re-licensing all ambulances.