• Fire Station Tours

    We know kids love to come check out the fire trucks and ambulances. All we ask is you give us a call at 816-779-5766 and schedule a time with us. 

    Ground Rules:

    Parents, Scout Leaders, Teachers, and Guardians must attend the tour with the kids (no drop offs!). We also need to point out that there is dangerous equipment around the firehouse, so we ask that you make sure you always have your kids under your direct supervision. We want to make sure we keep it safe and fun, so your help and guidance is much appreciated.

    Lastly.., please keep in mind that even though we have you on our schedule for a tour, we do get called out for fires, car accidents and medical emergencies.

    We obviously can't control the emergencies, but we are happy to reschedule or provide the tour after we return. Thank you in advance and we can't wait to see you!